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who we are

Zenith Insured Credit is uniquely positioned in the trade finance space
with a focus on insured supplier credit transactions.


Zenith prides itself on their internal origination and structuring abilities. Our focus is facilitating manufacturers supply needs without adding debt to their balance sheet. We combine every transaction with credit insurance to protect at least 90% of the purchase amount. Our team has decades of experience in the trade finance space. 

Experienced Portfolio Management

Experienced Portfolio Management

Principally Insured Opportunites

Principally Insured Opportunites

Short-term Portfolio Time Horizon

Short-term Portfolio Time Horizon

Veteran Team with Access to Opportunities

Veteran Team with Access to Opportunities


Zenith focuses on insured supplier purchase transactions. 

  • We pay for 100% of the purchase price of supplies only after determining that the accounts receivable can be insured.
  • Our robust diligence and underwriting process assumes that no insurance protection exists.
  • We help our clients expand their business and meet cyclical spikes in demand without adding debt to their balance sheet. 


How it works



Zenith purchases inventory from the supplier on behalf of the client. We pay 100% of the purchase price.



Zenith immediately re-sells the product to the client at a mark-up, creating an Accounts Receivable. This is listed as a trade payable on the client's balance sheet; not debt. 



Client pays Zenith the purchase price and the mark up at a mutually agreed upon date. The payment is insured by well-known insurance companies. 


Credit Insurance

Our insurance strategy


Zenith combines every transaction with credit insurance to protect at least 90% of the purchase amount.

  • Zenith is able to acquire credit insurance to protect 90% of the principal plus profit.

  • Our insurance relationships extend to A rated insurance companies..

  • We do extensive due diligence on the potential opportunity, and structures the opportunity as if no insurance protection existed. The safegaurds may include over-collaterlization, preferred payments, personal guarantees, first lien positions, lock boxes, and access to bank accounts. 


Zenith’s primary focus is on risk, and through its structures, underwriting, and insurance has created solid profitable opportunities, while providing a great service to its clients. 


For more information please read our Company overview.